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Sometime in the month of July 2009, I had a tentative suggestion on the mailing list about producing a Fedora Booklet. The idea around the Booklet/Handbook is that it should provide the following:

* a take-away reading material to anyone who wants to do off-line reading about The Fedora Project
* content that can guide anyone interested to participate
* a reasonably detailed overview of the Fedora way of doing things
* explain the Four Foundations in the form of talking points
* be amenable to be translated if anyone so chooses
* should be in a form that can be taken to the printers and, be printed in bulk
* should have lots of pictures
* should not be tied into a release or, specific date/time
* should be small to fit into an event box, coat pocket or, slip into a folder

Note: Below is a draft ToC of the handbook. At a first glance, a significant segment of the content is already available via various means (including this wiki). There is a need to enter into conversation with Marketing and Design teams to make this happen.

Table of Contents

1. Welcome to The Fedora Project

1.1. A quick history of The Fedora Project
1.2. The story behind the names of the Fedora releases

2. The Four Foundations of The Fedora Project

2.1. An explanation of the 4F for Talking Points
2.2. Building and sustaining a Fedora community / Community Architecture

3. Participating in The Fedora Project

How about a small wizard with examples helping one to identify one's skill/area of interest?
3.1. Where does one begin ?
3.2. Short overview of the various projects within Fedora
 3.2.1. Ambassadors
 3.2.2. Artwork/Design Team
 3.2.3. Bug Zappers
 3.2.4. Documentation
 3.2.5. EPEL
 3.2.6. Infrastructure
 3.2.7. Internationalization
 3.2.8. Localization
 3.2.9. Marketing
 3.2.10. Package Maintainers
 3.2.11. Websites
 3.2.12. Weekly News
 3.2.13. FEL
3.3. Short write-up on Planet Fedora and,
3.4. Getting in touch with someone near to you
 3.4.1. Fedora Ambassadors
 3.4.2. Fedora Campus Ambassadors

4. Cook up appropriate heading for stuff like Fedora Scholarship

4.1. Fedora and Google Summer of Code (?)
4.2. Fedora Community / Moksha
4.3. Transifex
4.4. Publican
4.5. Smolt
4.6. LiveUSB-Creator