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Valent Turkovic

I'm a linux enthusiast and love the freedom and choice I have using Fedora as a desktop. In day job for a major Croatian ISP as an "Fiber optics and networking engineer" but as I'm not working at headquaters but at regional branch that my job ranges from home user adsl issues to connection small and big business over fiber optics or copper (xDSL). We also use voice gateways and Asterisk as a PBX. In my sparetime I love driving my bicycle, love taking photographs and scuba diving in the summer. I am also a member od staring board and confounder of an NGO that build from scratch municipal wireless network in my home town.


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Activities within Fedora

  • I'm a Croatian Fedora Ambassador
  • I'm trying to gather as team of people that would contribute to Fedora and other upstream project. We have started a local LUG and organized few Fedora events. We are doing translations and promotion of Fedora Project.
  • Reporting bugs
  • Proposing some new features for future Fedora versions