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About me:

My name is Salim Ben Hadj Hassin. I'm a third year software engineering student. And I'm from Tunisia.

I'm currently the secretary general of Freeways, which is an association that promotes FOSS through events, competitions and training courses.

I'm using Fedora as my main and only operating system for almost 2 years now. In our community people usually tend to work with other GNU/Linux distributions, but I think Fedora is one of the best distribution and with the proper effort, Fedora will become widely used in Tunisia.

Throughout the years I worked on many projects: personnel or academic; all on Fedora.

As a professional career, I'm aiming to become a software tester and would like to become a contributor in that field within the Fedora project.

Contact: +216 52 695 669


Fedora Account: sb2h

IRC: sb2h on #freeways