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Join a community of users and contributors focused on Fedora Silverblue.

Fedora Silverblue is a community-driven project seeking contributions from folks with any skillset. From documentation writing, to beta testing, to helping others by answering questions, there are plenty of ways to get involved and help shape the future of Silverblue!



The Fedora Silverblue tag on Fedora's Discourse-based discussion forum is a great place to connect with other Fedora Silverblue users and contributors.


You can chat with the Fedora Silverblue community via either Matrix or IRC: on Matrix or #silverblue on



Fedora Silverblue is powered by some amazing open-source projects, including ostree, rpm-ostree, and flatpak. If you are a developer, consider helping out with one of these projects.


Fedora Silverblue utilizes interesting, cutting-edge technology, and we need to tell more people about it! If you're a keen writer, contributing to the Fedora Silverblue documentation will help others learn how their system works, and all the cool things they can do with it.


Found something that isn't quite right? Want to propose a change to the way Silverblue works? We want to hear from you! Head over to the Fedora Silverblue issue tracker and let us know.


Fedora 全年都有您可以参加的活动,通常是亲自参加或虚拟参加,以了解有关 Fedora 工作站的更多信息,并结识其他用户和贡献者。

Fedora 项目年度会议

Flock 是 Fedora 项目的一年一度,持续多日的面对面会议,重点关注我们的贡献者。它通常在欧洲和北美之间交替举行。活动为面对面的会议和对话提供了场所。 这也是庆祝我们社区的地方。

Flock 通常在每年八月举行。

Fedora 项目虚拟会议

Nest 是我们的居家虚拟 Flock,自 COVID-19 全球爆发以来一直在运行。它持续 3 天,包括讲座、研讨会、黑客大会和社交活动。

全球和本地 Fedora 聚会

Hatch 是在 Flock 或 Nest 会议召开前几周组织的一系列小规模、面对面的全球聚会,使当地的 Fedora 社区成员能够见面。

Fedora Magazine 是一个托管社区贡献的宣传文章和简短指南的网站,内容涉及在 Fedora Linux 操作系统上运行或与 Fedora Linux 操作系统配合使用的自由与开源软件。

社区博客为社区成员提供了一个单一来源,可以与项目社区中的其他人共享有关 Fedora 的重要新闻、更新和信息。