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== Dependencies ==
== Dependencies ==
* NetworkManager bug
* NetworkManager bug
== Contingency Plan ==
== Contingency Plan ==

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[edit] Network installation on IPv6-only networks

[edit] Summary

Support network installation methods on IPv6-only networks.

[edit] Owner

[edit] Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 15
  • Last updated: 2011-01-19
  • Percentage of completion: 95%

[edit] Detailed Description

Support HTTP, FTP, and NFS installation methods over IPv6 with no IPv4 network stack in use at all. All name resolution, address autoconfiguration, and so on must happen on an entirely IPv6-only network.

Issues found:

[edit] Benefit to Fedora

IPv6 is the protocol of!

[edit] Scope

anaconda: all supported modes of configuration: boot options, kickstart, loader UI, stage2 GUI, stage2 text mode

[edit] Test Plan

Setup IPv6 only environment, test all modes of configuration (see scope). Test all supported types of configuration (manual, auto, dhcp6).

[edit] User Experience

[edit] Dependencies

[edit] Contingency Plan

[edit] Documentation

[edit] Release Notes