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== Links ==
== Links ==

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Overview of Our Pi Meetings


  • Matching users with Distro
  • Lurning
  • Photobooth
    • Could this be put in the PiStore?
  • Fedora ARM Installer
  • Making Fedora Pi more awesome
    • Relabeling SELinux for Pi
    • Compiling for proper Arm arch
  • Migrate this page to ~/PI to ~/Pi


  • IRC Bot and server
  • Fileserver
    • Examples - ssh to access your machine remotely
  • Monitoring - getting realtime data - Venkat
  • LCD integration
  • Gaming, Media center
    • Guidelines needed to keep folks happy :)- talk to Spot


  • One meeting a month at a regular location - most likely SF, Berkeley, or Oakland
  • One meeting at a BAMF members house and/or coffee shop; Sax coffee has TVs we can plug into.
  • Planning meetings will take place via video chat. Typing without a camera is ok. If folks cant make it- their concerns will be represented by a proxy. Inclusiveness and The Open Source Way are basic tenets here.
  • Facebook event/ Ical are the short term solution. Announcements will be sent to local MLs to get new folks.


  • Improvements and testing of Fedora ARM Installer
  • SELinux relabeled for Pi
  • Making Fedora Pi more awesome