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Bay Area Mentoring Fedorans - BAMF

"When a project fails, too many folks just move on, and don't examine the WHY of the failure(s). With that in mind, as Technical Lead; I fall on the sword.

The first incarnation of BAMF failed to gain a satisfactory foothold and I decided a post mortem is needed. Decisions to deploy were based on the best information available. The volunteers, my colleagues, and the Project did all that devotion and Being Excellent to The Open Source Way could do. If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt it is mine alone." Markdude (Use my talk page)for suggestions, critiques, etc. Or use usual methods :)

We are a Local Fedora Community in Northern California. We have a growing list of Ambassadors (and various FOSS folks)to help foster this venture.



Events are held at members houses as well as hackerspaces. We do basic classes to help recruit our future geeks and contribs. We have group projects to help get anyone involved. Members bring personal projects that benefit from group brainstorming.

Group consensus decides direction. Tech decisions made by Dev Steering Board. 3 devs vote agenda for next meeting. A fourth alternate is available to keep an odd number (and continuity).

There are plans to have elected leadership. No pressing need at the moment. Creating a formal mentoring and teaching process is a bigger priority. We do basic classes to help recruit our future geeks and contribs. At this point it's basic Pi, dd, with ARM viewed as future for many reasons.

Past events

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