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* [[GerardMilmeister]]
* [[GerardMilmeister]]
* [[JasonTibbitts]]
* [[JasonTibbitts]]
* [[User:Jcatumba|Jorge Catumba]]
* [[JoseMatos]]
* [[JoseMatos]]
* [[MarekMahut]]
* [[MarekMahut]]

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Fedora Science and Technology SIG


The purpose of the Fedora Science and Technology SIG is to improve the number and quality of packages available for scientific and technical users.


If you are interested in joining add yourself to the list.

Ideas and proposals


Packages awaiting review

Add the FE-SCITECH blocker bug to any Science/Technology related review in Bugzilla. (Remember to remove it once the review is passed.)

The tracker is in Bugzilla.



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