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Cornish Language Translation Project

This page contains the details of the Fedora Cornish Language Translation Project. Its in the very early stages at the moment, but watch this space for further developmenmts

IANA Language Codes

The project covers the following language tags.

  • kw, kw-GB (Cornish, unspecified orthography)
  • kw-uccor (Cornish, Unified orthography)
  • kw-ucrcor (Cornish, Unified Revised orthography)
  • kw-kkcor (Cornish, Commom Cornish orthography)

Note that the Standard Written Form does not yet have a tag. It might be possible to use kw I suppose... again watch this space for developments.

The Rules!

To avoid issues of which orthography (spelling system) to use, I'm proposing the following rules for the project:

  • Make sure you know which orthography you are going to use
  • Make sure that you clearly label (by using the correct IANA tag) the files
  • Please don't mix and match the different orthographies in the same file
  • There is no harm in having multiple translations of the same software, although its better to have one complete translation than several partial ones.
  • I would generally encourage the use of the Standard Written Form (SWF) if you do not have any particular personal preference. Even then there is a choice of spelling. Currently there is the issue of the lack of a dictionary in SWF, although there is a word list at the end of the specification itself.
  • Please don't criticize anybody just because they happen to prefer using a different orthography to you

These rules are an attempt to try and get the project off the ground, I'm sure that they will evolve with time and through discussion.

Current Status

I know of only one package currently with a Cornish translation, and that is glibc. The translation appears to be in UC, and is incomplete. The language tag which has been used is kw_GB.

Priority Tasks

There are is a huge amount of software and documentation which we would like to translate, so to make the task more manageable, here is a list of some of the more popular and useful packages which the project will attempt to target first.


For most projects, the task is just a question of getting a file containing a set of English messages and providing an equivalent set of Cornish messages underneath them. There are a few exceptions to this, being glibc and anything requiring a dictionary/spell checker.

TODO: Fill this section out with a bit more detail.

Mailing List

Will be called

Awaiting Fedora Infrastructure ticket resolution

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