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Design workspaces for things we may want to see in our desktop. Proto-features. Bluesky, crackrock, good shit, or low-hanging fruit.

Polish tasks

Small things that improve the look and feel of the desktop without big functional changes.

Menu Icons Removing icons from menus
Power Management Defaults Fix the power manager default settings
Remove About Menu Items Remove the About Fedora/GNOME/Computer menu items
Better Fonts What can we do to improve our font collection
Better Face Images Improve the quality of the default face images
Wallpaper Improve the quality of the default desktop wallpapers
User Switch Transitions Nice transitions when switching users
Volume control Intuitive volume control
Volume Applet De-appletize volume applet


Coffee Table Experience Design the laptop evening coffee table experience
Dorm Desk Experience Design the laptop dorm desk experience
Breakfast & Coffee Experience Design the laptop breakfast and coffee experience
Knowledge Office Experience Design the laptop knowledge worker office experience

Rethinking the desktop

GNOME Shell A new environment for the GNOME desktop
Desktop Search Find my stuff
Notification Center Better notification management
Standalone Web Apps Install web mail/apps as applications
Remove Administration Tools Remove the Administration and System Tools menus
Control Center Still a trainwreck. What to do?
GDM Screen Lock Use GDM as the lock screen
Location Awareness Integrate location awareness into the desktop
Guest User Support guest users
Secure Desktop A place to ask security questions?
Inhibit APIs Consolidate our various inhibit APIs


Make individual applications great.

Better Make rock
Better Instant Messaging Improve IM workflow
Video Chat Video chatting
Firefox Downloads Make Firefox downloads not suck
Evolution Phone synchronization or Why is Linux still inferior as desktop
Default CD ripper Make Rhythmbox as good as iTunes for CD import

Online Desktop

Music Sync Make portable music players just work
Photo Upload Make it easy to upload photos from a camera to the web
Weather Alerts Integrate weather alerts into clock applet
Background channels Get your backgrounds online
Better Hostname A better hostname

Making other parts of the system better for the desktop

Hybrid Suspend Merge suspend and hibernate
Firewall What does a firewall offer a desktop
Fast Boot Start quickly
Backup Secure your data and feel good while doing it
User Account Management A new User and Group Management tool
P2V Migration Keep your previous OS - in a VM
Drive Sharing Share a CD drive over the network
Modern Virtual Consoles A modern replacement for VT+getty
Per-user X Server Run X server as user
Smartcard Authentication Make smartcards support great
Fingerprint Authentication Make fingerprint support great
Wayland Possible solution to smooth f-u-s, modern VTs and more


Tablet Support Make tablets just work 2008-10-27
Input Methods Make SCIM not suck 2008-10-27
Experience Index Is it useful to have an experience index? 2008-10-27
Live USB Can we make the Live USB experience better than Live CD? 2008-10-28