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=== Docs tasks ===
=== Docs tasks ===
* any?
* any?
=== Badges tasks ===
* Update the [https://git.fedorahosted.org/cgit/badges.git/tree/rules/you-can-pry-it-from-my-cold-undead-hands.yml "cold undead hands" badge].
=== Cloud tasks ===
=== Cloud tasks ===

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This page is a draft only
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.


[edit] Description

Each release of Fedora is maintained as laid out in the maintenance schedule. At the conclusion of the maintenance period, a Fedora release enters end of life status. This procedure describes the tasks necessary to move a release to that status.

[edit] Actions

[edit] Set date

  • FESCo responsibilities:
    • Follow guidelines of maintenance schedule
    • Take into account any infrastructure or other supporting project resource contention
    • Announce the closure of the release to the package maintainers.

[edit] Reminder announcement

  • from FESCo chair to f-devel-announce, f-announce-l, including
    • date of last update push (if needed)
    • date of actual EOL

[edit] Koji tasks

  • disable builds by removing targets
koji remove-target dist-f12
koji remove-target dist-f12-updates-candidate
  • Purge from disk the signed copies of rpms that are signed with the EOL'd release key

[edit] Bodhi tasks

In puppet, set the push scripts to not push the old release:

diff --git a/configs/system/fedora-updates-push
index 2c05334..39e25f7 100755
--- a/configs/system/fedora-updates-push
+++ b/configs/system/fedora-updates-push
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@

-for rel in 11 12 13; do
+for rel in 12 13; do

 rsync -rlptDvHh --delay-updates $RSYNC_OPTS --exclude "repodata/*" \
         $SOURCE/f$rel-updates/ $DEST/$rel/ &>/dev/null
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ rsync -rlptDvHh --delay-updates $RSYNC_OPTS --delete
--delete-after \
         $SOURCE/f$rel-updates/ $DEST/$rel/ &>/dev/null

-for rel in 11 12 13; do
+for rel in 12 13; do

 rsync -rlptDvHh --delay-updates $RSYNC_OPTS --exclude "repodata/*" \
         $SOURCE/f$rel-updates-testing/ $DEST/testing/$rel/ &>/dev/null

[edit] PackageDB

Set the release to be End of Life in the PackageDB. Currently, that's done with the following db queries:

-- For the Package ACLs
update collection set statuscode = 9 where name = 'Fedora' and version = '11'; 

-- For the Application Database
select * from repos where shortname ~'^F-11-.*' and active = true;
-- Check that only repositories for the EOL repo are listed.
update repos set active = false where shortname ~ '^F-11-*' and active = true;
-- Make sure the same number of records were modified as previous select

[edit] Source Control (CVS)

  • Branches for new packages in CVS are not allowed for distribution X after the Fedora X+2 release. New builds are no longer allowed for EOL Fedora releases.

[edit] AutoQA

The AutoQA project maintains a config file (repoinfo.conf) that describes available package repositories and their inheritance. When a Fedora release is EOL'd, the repoinfo.conf file needs to be updated. Please file an autoqa ticket to modify the repoinfo.conf file to remove pointers to the EOL'd release.

[edit] Bugzappers Tasks

[edit] Bugzilla

[edit] Docs tasks

  • any?

[edit] Badges tasks

[edit] Cloud tasks

[edit] Final announcement

  • from FPL to f-announce-l
    • on EOL date if at all possible
    • link to previous reminder announcement (use HTTPS)

[edit] Announcement content

[edit] Verification

[edit] Consider Before Running

  • Resource contention in infrastructure, such as outages
  • Extenuating circumstances for specific planned updates, if any
  • ot