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Till Maas

Till Maas
[[Image:|thumb|center|Till Maas]]
Personal Information
Home: Aachen, Germany
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: till
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail:
GPG-Key: E3D6 A361 94E0 A6F2 C5F0 6A3A 10B3 1C10 9517 18A0 E3D6 A361 94E0 A6F2 C5F0 6A3A 10B3 1C10 9517
IRC: tyll on Freenode in
#fedora-releng #fedora-admin #fedora-apps #fedora-devel #epel #fedora-de
Badges (89)

What goes up... (Koji Failure I) What goes up... (Koji Failure II) Senior Editor Riddle Me This You can call me "Patches" (SCM III) If you build it... (Koji Success II) If you build it... (Koji Success I) Discovery of the Footprints (Tester II) In Search of the Bull (Tester I) Curious Penguin (Ask Fedora I) Junior Editor Associate Editor Involvement Proven Packager You can call me "Patches" (SCM II) You can call me "Patches" (SCM I) Speak Up! Like a Rock (Updates-Stable I) Junior Badger (Badger I) Is this thing on? (Updates-Testing I) Tagger (Tagger II) Senior Tagger (Tagger III) Junior Tagger (Tagger I) Packager Sponsor If you build it... (Koji Success III) Is this thing on? (Updates-Testing II) Old Yeller What goes up... (Koji Failure III) Partners in Crime Let Me Introduce Myself Master Editor Embryo Phoenix Down Froglet Tadpole Egg Tadpole with Legs Bona Fide Hatchling White Hat You Can Pry It From My Cold, Undead Hands No Longer a Ronin It still works! Senior Badger (Badger II) Baby Badger Badge Muse (Badge Ideas I) Secretary General Crypto Panda White Rabbit Paranoid Panda Common Bugs Contributor Bloggin' it! (Planet I) Perceiving the Bull (Tester III) Master Package Tagger (Package Tagger IV) Junior Package Tagger (Package Tagger I) Senior Package Tagger (Package Tagger III) Package Tagger (Package Tagger II) Mugshot FOSDEM 2014 Attendee Master Tagger (Tagger IV) What goes around comes around (Karma I) Like a Rock (Updates-Stable II) Catching the Bull (Tester IV) Binary Star Take this and call me in the morning Missed the Train Stop That Update! Heartbleed Buster Helping Hand You can call me "Patches" (SCM IV) Vacation Maestro The cat came back... Flock 2014 Attendee Party Pirate Taming the Bull (Tester V) Consolation Prize FrOSCon 2014 Attendee Ambassador Building the Outer Ring (Copr Build I) Corporate Drone What goes around comes around (Karma II) Bloggin' it! (Planet II) Building the Outer Ring (Copr Build II) Chief Editor Override, you say? Shellshocked Badge Off! Science (Kernel Tester I)


Fedora Release Overview

Release PackageDB
Rawhide devel
Fedora XY F-XY
EPEL 7 epel7


  • rerun autofoo
libtoolize --automake --copy --force
automake-1.9 --add-missing --force-missing --copy
  • make configure not to reconfigure itself: In (or add after AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE


  • pm-utils debugging

koji links

Xinf aliases hwdata

alias pcivideo:v00008086d00007121sv*sd*bc*sc*i* intel   # i810

pcivideo is a tag understood by kudzu to mean that this line describes
an X driver.  The lowercase letters (v, d, sv, sd, bc, sc, i) are the
various PCI ID fields: vendor, device, subvendor, subdevice, base class,
subclass, and ASIC revision.  Normally you only need to use the first
two.  Then the third word is the driver name you want for that chip.
Comments are optional but are greatly appreciated.

The * wildcards are like shell, not like regex.  Numeric values _must_
be in uppercase hexadecimal; don't try to specify nvidia hardware with
000010de or you will be sadly disappointed.  Multiple matches are
possible, last match wins, but it's best if you don't have to rely on
that accidental feature.


  • restorecon relabels files with type file_t (which means the file has no label)
  • mount -o context=system_u:object_r:tmp_t:s0 /dev/mapper/tmp /tmp - correct context for /tmp filesystem

Debuginfo Packages

RPM Comment/Macro Weirdness

Subpackage Requires

  • rpm -ql foo-devel | grep /usr/include | xargs grep -h 'include ' | sort | uniq
  • rpm -ql foo-python | grep python | xargs grep -h 'import ' | sort | uniq

MoinMoin Quicklinks

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