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Translate Website Countdown Banner

All svg sources and tar.gz full banner sets palace in http://inkscaper.fedorapeople.org/Fedora16/countdown-banner/

Language ISO Sample Fonts Translator Status
Arabic ar Fedora16-countdown-banner-1.ar.png Comfortaa, DejaVu Sans Adil Lebbat complete
Bulgarian bg Fedora16-countdown-banner-2.bg.png Comfortaa, Droid Sans Nick Bunev complete
Bengali (India) bn_IN Fedora16-countdown-banner-3.bn IN.png Lohit Bengali Runa Bhattacharjee complete
Czech cs Fedora16-countdown-banner-4.cs.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Adam Pribyl complete
Danish da Fedora16-countdown-banner-5.da.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Kris Thomsen complete
German de Fedora16-countdown-banner-6.de.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Chrisito complete
Greek el Fedora16-countdown-banner-7.el.png Comfortaa, Droid Sans Pierros Papadeas complete
English en Fedora16-countdown-banner-8.en.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Initial complete
Spanish es Fedora16-countdown-banner-9.es.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Domingo Becker complete
Finnish fi Fedora16-countdown-banner-10.fi.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Ville-Pekka Vainio complete
French fr Fedora16-countdown-banner-11.fr.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Pablo Martin-Gomez complete
Gujarati gu Fedora16-countdown-banner-12.gu.png Lohit Gujarati Ankit Patel complete
Hebrew he Fedora16-countdown-banner-15.he.png Comfortaa, DejaVu Sans Oron Peled complete
Hindi hi Fedora16-countdown-banner-16.hi.png Lohit Devanagari Suchakra Sharma complete
Croatian hr Fedora16-countdown-banner-17.hr.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Josip Šumečki complete
Hungarian hu Fedora16-countdown-banner-18.hu.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Zoltan Hoppar complete
Indonesian id Fedora16-countdown-banner-19.id.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Teguh Dwicaksana complete
Icelandic is Fedora16-countdown-banner-20.is.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Sveinn í Felli complete
Italian it Fedora16-countdown-banner-21.it.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Gianluca Sforna complete
Japanese ja Fedora16-countdown-banner-22.ja.png Comfortaa, Vl Gothic Noriko Mizumoto complete
Kannada kn Fedora16-countdown-banner-23.kn.png Lohit Kannada Shankar Prasad complete
Korean ko Fedora16-countdown-banner-24.ko.png Comfortaa, Un Dotum Hyunsok Oh complete
Kashmiri ks Fedora16-countdown-banner-25.ks.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Mohammad Nayeem complete
Malayalam ml Fedora16-countdown-banner-26.ml.png Comfortaa, Lohit Malayalam Ani Peter complete
Dutch nl Fedora16-countdown-banner-27.nl.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Richard van der Luit complete
Panjabi (Punjabi) pa Fedora16-countdown-banner-28.pa.png Lohit Punjabi Jaswinder Singh Phulewala complete
Polish pl Fedora16-countdown-banner-29-pl.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Piotr Drąg complete
Portuguese pt Fedora16-countdown-banner-30.pt.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Rui Gouveia complete
Portuguese (Brazilian) pt_BR Fedora16-countdown-banner-31.pt BR.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Rafael Prenholato complete
Romanian ro Fedora16-countdown-banner-32.ro.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Nicu Buculei complete
Russian ru Fedora16-countdown-banner-33.ru.png Comfortaa, Droid Sans Andrew Martynov complete
Sinhala si Fedora16-countdown-banner-34.si.png Comfortaa, LKLUG Yajith Ajantha Dayarathna complete
Serbian sr Fedora16-countdown-banner-35.sr.png Comfortaa, Droid Sans Milos Komarcevic complete
Swedish sv Fedora16-countdown-banner-1.sv.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Göran Uddeborg complete
Thai th Fedora16-countdown-banner-2.th.png Comfortaa, Waree Manatsawin Hanmongkolchai complete
Turkish tr Fedora16-countdown-banner-3.tr.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Ömer Faruk Ak complete
Ukrainian uk Fedora16-countdown-banner-4.uk.png Comfortaa, Droid Sans Yuri Chornoivan complete
Chinese (China) zh_CN Fedora16-countdown-banner-7.zh CN.png Wqy Zenhei Tian Shixiong complete
Chinese (Taiwan) zh_TW Fedora16-countdown-banner-8.zh TW.png Wqy Zenhei Caius 'kaio' Chance complete
Vietnamese vi_VN Fedora16-countdown-banner-9.vi VN.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Trần Duy Hùng complete