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This page is for planning Cloud SIG activities for FUDCon:Blacksburg_2012, Jan. 13 - 15, 2012.


Put your name here if you're a Cloud SIG'er who is planning on coming, and list when you're arriving/departing (I don't want to plan a huge thing for Sunday if we have a huge group of folks leaving mid-way through the day.)

  • Robyn Bergeron | Arriving Jan. 11, Departing Jan. 16, 11:05am
  • Russell Bryant | Arriving Jan. 13 (afternoon), Departing Jan. 16 (morning)
  • Your name here!
  • You too!

Possible Activities


  • OpenStack hackfest


Want to teach people how to do things or help people get things installed? Maybe this is the spot to list those things.

Barcamp sessions

Planning on pitching something? List it on the Proposed barcamp sessions page, but feel free to add it here too, for grins and giggles.