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This section covers the news surrounding the Fedora Ambassadors Project[1].

Contributing Editor: Richard A Vijay For days of the week starting from 05th July 2011 to 13th July 2011 [2]

Beat this week

Headlines from mailing lists are pointers to two topics 1 Stickers and Media Discussions and 2 FAmSCo

Welcome New Ambassadors

This week the Fedora Ambassadors Project had a couple of new members joining.

Each and everyone of us in Fedora Community is happy to have you as part of our Ambassadors team. We wish you very best in your endeavours. from Brazil mentored by Daniel Bruno from France mentored by Joerg Simon from Taiwan mentored by Caius 'kaio' Chance

Congrats and Wishes to all New members from Fedora Team. Thanks Joerg (vital) Simon for inviting them with welcome message.

Note: Please Note, this warm welcome message is on behalf of every Fedora Member. Discourage individual welcome messages to the list as we have to reduce large traffic.

Summary of traffic on Ambassadors mailing list

Stickers Order

John(Fid : inode) shared his view on fedora stickers, he suggested that discounts may be availed if larger quantity order is placed. Take a look at 2.5 " sticker, mail him if you like to join John for the order. This is larger logo is laptop sticker, planned for the order. [1] Smaller ones are called case badges. John is planning for 20K order, so it will be 5k per region. For EMEA and APAC, plan is to ship it with people to FUDCon to reduce expenses. - kaio expressed his view on postage and manufacturer discount order quantity for stickers Gerard (gbraad ) suggested local production of stickers for APAC,china as it may reduce shipping cost and production cost. David Ramsey greeted all Fedora members, and asked the APAC members if they are interested in 3" stickers Suresh from srilanka thanked Tom and Darmsey for stickers he received. He would like to request a quantity order of around 200 for srilanka. He likes the idea of local printing of stickers at srilanka.

Bryan (bryanlbasil) shared his views on stickers, interesting read,thanks Brayan. Kevin Raymond (shaiton) thanked and appreciated the stickers. places a request for more stickers to france, expects to receive them before september. Christoph brought the point that EMEA ran out of stickers and would like to place the order. He and team will allocate budget to join the order

kaio wrote to the community enquiring if there is a wiki page to track the following cost 1. Media 2. Stickers 3. Shirts with following details 1. miminum order 2. turnaround time of manufacture 3. postage to surrounding countries

Manuel Escudero enquired how he can place an order for stickers kaio explained that Manuel may request in mailing list . He also proposed a Fedora-store for public.

John(inode) explained briefly on the sticker price and quantity. He said that It appeared that from our initial quote 5000 of these would cost NA around $1,000 but the marginal cost of adding an additional 5000 might be as low as $300. Given that low marginal cost he thinks that we should seriously consider a much larger order so we are requesting quotes for 12000, 16000, and 20000 now and expect to have those quotes in hand within a week. NA won't be making any decision on this until we see those quotes and we'll share the costs with others who might want to join with us before we order. So he asked everyone stayed tuned for about a week and to see what the final numbers are for larger orders.

aeperezt highlights that Panama may need minimum of 100 in quantity in LATAM

Maria Gracia Leandro (tatica) wrote that LATAM may need atleast 1000 and planning for atlas 2 countries to plan for distribution. mark shared his view with everyone that he finds that stickers to be a happy seedling for fedora community.

Ankit Jain asked for details on obtaining stickers for educational institutions in Mumbai, India inode wrote back expressing this view that the plan for ordering is at regional level and not at city levels. Hence requests should go to local regions and regions should share it with fedora community

Christian Bryant on Wed Jul 6 03:48:11 2011 wrote to community regarding his work on querying local companies and LUGs regarding their Fedora friendliness, he would like to discuss it in next meeting

Scott shared the pricing details for budgeting 3" voice logo sticker:

Quantity=Price 5000=$896.33 10000=$1276.22 12000=$1485.90 16000=$1742.80 20000=$1882.10

Pierros requested to file the appropriate trac ticket on famsco, if needed. He suggested 20000 in quantity.

Neville wrote that community members may better be plan the events ahead along with sticker delivery.

kaio wrote his plan for Greater China sticker quantity, prediction of 1k for taiwan, 1.5 - 2K for china

John wrote his view that 20000 may be the right quantity and it may be split among regions as required.

kaio is waiting for stickers, kaio wrote this to community.

Pake from Taipai introduced himself on the mailing list

Christian Bryant shared details of Linux foundation community and blogging [2] Christoph is currently on a business trip, he wrote about it on Jul 11th Pablo and MooDoo-Paul Mellors helped in organising meetings for Christoph

jsimon on 11th July wrote to community that 150KG of media arrived ie 5000 pieces,ready for distribution. Special thanks to Christoph Wickert as Media Wrangler,Appreciated.

3000 Multi Desktop DVD 1000 Install DVD 32 bit 1000 Install DVD 64 bit

Jsimon will be taking up shipping. Boxes will be for a minimum quantity of 110 media per box. Please avoid single media request.

We also already have some Media-Hub Destinations:

1000 France 1000 Greece 400 Nigeria 500+ Italia 110 Belgium 500+ Czech 110 Tunisia 110 Israel 400 Kosovo 110 Morroco 400 Nairobi

If you want to act as a Media hub for your Region please open a ticket [3] and assign it to Joerg (jsimon)

Fedora EMEA ambassadors meeting planned for 13th July

The meeting minutes for the FAmNA meeting of 2011-07-05 (EST time) are as following:


Minutes (text):

Log: beats editor appreciates attitude of sharing positive sprit, also would like to point to all those positive spirited members that email traffic reduction on network is good practice.

FAmSCo Meeting

Neville wrote to community on 7th July about meeting planned on 9th July at 14 hrs UTC Igor Pires Soares shared meeting details FAmSCo held a public meeting and took a time to discuss aspects and approaches for next FADs and FUDCons.

We are going to have public meetings once a month and I look forward to see more participation from ambassadors in those meetings. :) Here are the minutes: [4] Minutes (text): [5] Log: [6]

Tuan asked community members for their preference on timing for next meeting

Events reported on Ambassadors mailing list

Shaiton shared details of his Paris Event, here is the original mail in its original taste. Thanks Shaiton

We had a great two days event in Paris the 4th and 5th of June. I know that it happened a month ago, apologies for this late report.

In the talk room we were discussing about new F15 features, and then there was a 2h BoxGrinder workshop. In a workshop room we worked on sound composition using FOSS and then there were discussions about LaTeX. The install party in itself was in the master room (about 100 people there with 20 FOSS contributors). We spoke a lot about GNOME 3, and we made lots of live USB. In this room, there was a big white screen in which I displayed a slideshow about the event planning, the first page of our newly released Muffin 3 magazine, a summary of "How to contribute" and websites. For this "slideshow" I used the GNOME Shell power: I wrote a plugin to auto switch between workspace. No need anymore to write something in LibreOffice. One full screen window in each workspace and you're done![2] KDE lovers were silent.

This is what we usually do for each release. But this time we wanted more, this is why we planned this second contribution day! We where about 10 French Fedora Project contributors here to work on different subjects and showing people to know how to be involved in the Fedora Project. We encounter some French forum users. That was nice, we spoke a lot. Firstly we wanted to improve the LXC template but there was a new release only few days before, and we didn't really had big project on which we would be able to work. Every contributors have their wide TODO list. Next time, we should define some projects and start before the targeted day, in a FAD way.

The event page is in french[3] but you can find slideshow used in the talks (the BoxGrinder one is there[4]).


[7] [3] [8]

[4] [9]

Buddhike Chandradeepa Kurera plans for FAD Srilanka by 3rd week of August [10]

Campus Ambassadors mailing list-Summary of traffic

The mailing list did not have any traffic this week except a Linkedin invitation from Sara singh. Editor likes to know if someone is regulating/monitoring this list?


Thank you.Have a great week ahead, and feel free to write to editor for any comments,inclusions or exclusions in next beat - Editor --Richardvj11 20:38, 13 July 2011 (UTC)Richardvj11