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I'm a Software Engineer, I worked some years, after my studies as a desktop developer, specialized later in developing Java e-buiseness solutions, using JEE, and certified as a SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer). I'm also the president of IIPT (Informatique et Internet Pour Tous), a computer training center, in Cergy, France, where I give some sessions every year, about installing, configuring and using, the best GNU/Linux distribution (yes it's Fedora). I do some administration, both at office and personally, with some BASH scripting.

I've always been interested in FOSS spirit. This began for me in 1992, when my brother and i developed our first freeware. This passion for Open Source has continued tell now. In the past few years i developed some softwares under the GPL license and some plug-in for Eclipse. I came to know Linux, in 1993 (I think, I'm not sure). I bought a cd that has Slackware distribution, and tried to install it on my personal computer. These days installing Linux was not as easy as installing Fedora today, with its almost full automatic installation. To install Linux in old days, sometimes I had to spend several days, to have a fully functional OS (yes days), but even though I was happy at the end to have my own Open Source system working. I got to know after that Red Hat version 2.0 with its textual, but very friendly menus. I continued to use Red Hat tell its 9th version.

I'm a regular user of Fedora since its first version. With every version I'm really surprised by the efforts provided by all the community to achieve such progression.

I don't need to say that all Linux distributions (open and free), are good, but with Fedora, Linux is different, and takes all its real dimensions. Fedora distribution is complete, very easy to install and configure, people can try it first with a live cd, and in case of trouble, you're helped by the Fedora community.
To be one of this community, I have applied to be a Fedora Ambassador, my monitor is Joerg (kital) Simon [[1]]

Great News! Joerg my monitor has sponsored and approved my Membership! I'm now a Fedora Ambassador. I'm really happy and very proud, to join the Fedora community and to meet Joerg [[2]] , a great person and a real FOSS spirit.

"[3]" In 2008, Linus Torvalds, author of the Linux kernel, stated that he used Fedora because it had fairly good support for the PowerPC processor architecture, which he favored at the time.


[4] (my personal blog, about Java on Fedora)
[5] (some recent FOSS to download)

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