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GHC 7.0


The next major version of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (ghc) is due soon and should become version 7.0. It has many new features, including a new I/O manager, new type-checker, new improved parallel garbage collector, and support for a new LLVM compilation backend.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 15
  • Last updated: 11 Sep 2010
  • Percentage completion 0%

Detailed Description

  • Create a dist-f15-ghc buildroot to avoid dependency disruption to rawhide.
  • Create scripts to automate the rebuilding of all the Haskell packages in Fedora.
  • Update ghc to new version and build into dist-f15-ghc.
  • Update ghc-rpm-macros if necessary.
  • Add support to cabal2spec for delta-patching packages to update them for newer packaging template and rebuild.
  • Rebuild packages including all the libraries in dist-f15-ghc with the automated cabal2spec patching and dependency build script.
  • Move final completed package set to dist-f15.

Benefit to Fedora

Fedora will benefit by providing the latest ghc compiler to its users with many performance and feature enhancements.


  • Small impact outside of the Haskell parts of Fedora
  • Need to rebuild all Haskell packages (scripts, to be developed, can help automate this)

How to Test

  • Packagers
    • Build packages against GHC 7.0
    • Many Haskell libraries and applications include test suites already (not many are enabled to my knowledge). Enabling these will help catch errors.
  • Testers
    • General usage of packaged Haskell applications to find bugs (probably manifest as assertion errors or exceptions)
      • darcs
      • cabal

User Experience

Developers will be able to use GHC 7.0.


  • Haskell packages (to be handled by the Haskell SIG for the most part)
  • Haskell Platform release (hopefully there will be a release available in time)

Contigency Plan

  • In the unlikely event that the version upgrade is not possible, any partial work will simply be left dist-f15-ghc and we will release F15 with the current ghc-6.12.3.


Release Notes

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