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GNOME 2.24


Re-base to GNOME 2.24.


  • Desktop SIG

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 10
  • Last updated: 2008-08-24
  • Percentage of completion: 40%
  • Most packages have been updated to their Gnome 2.23.6 releases
  • Project Hamster is available in Fedora as package hamster-applet
  • Empathy is available in Fedora, and listed as the default IM client in comps.
  • clutter and clutter-gtk are also packaged
  • libcanberra is packaged and the GTK+ module gets loaded by all GTK+ apps

Detailed Description

The main point of this feature is that GNOME in 2.24 has committed to adding several new modules. We will look at updating the Fedora Desktop image around the GNOME new module decisions. In particular empathy will replace pidgin, and possibly ekiga (needs investigation).

Benefit to Fedora

Stay in sync with upstream.


Outstanding issues:

  • Keep tarballs updated
  • Resync image with new default apps
  • Make sure new modules and new external dependencies of Gnome 2.24 are packaged (e.g. hamster and clutter)
  • Investigate if we can drop some of the removed modules (gtksourceview and libgnomeprint). At least we should make sure they don't sneak onto a space-constrained live image

Test Plan

For Empathy:

  • Try various protocols: XMPP, MSN, etc.
  • Try using Fedora Talk.
  • Try Google Talk/XMPP.

User Experience

If Pidgin was installed previously, it remains installed. On new installations we will install Empathy


Needs investigation. empathy requires the whole telepathy stack, which may cause size issues on the live image. On the other hand, libpurple is huge, too.

Contingency Plan

  • Fall back to Pidgin.


  • FIXME--We'll add a link to the Gnome 2.24 release notes here when they become available.

Release Notes

  • FIXME--Note the change in default apps, along with any notable new features.

Comments and Discussion