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== Current status ==
== Current status ==
* Targeted release: [[Releases/{{Fedora10||next}} | {{Fedora10|long|next}} ]]
* Targeted release: F10
* Last updated: (DATE)
* Last updated: Friday, August 08 2008
* Percentage of completion: 5%
* Percentage of completion: 5%
== Detailed Description ==
== Detailed Description ==

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Feature Name

Sugar Desktop


Provide the sugar desktop as well as the basic activities required in a fashion that can be used as a choice on the GDM login screen, or as the basis for a Live image spin.


More help welcome :-)

Current status

  • Targeted release: F10
  • Last updated: Friday, August 08 2008
  • Percentage of completion: 5%

Detailed Description

We want to provide the base sugar desktop environment as well as some activities to allow further building upon the collaborative environment.

Need more filler...

Benefit to Fedora

This helps to make it easier for OLPC to use Fedora bits as well as to advance the OLPC platform. By making Sugar more readily available, it is easier for users to play with it, become involved, and contribute back.


  • Build updated sugar packages
  • Build useful sugar activities (list on the Wishlist of packages)
  • Add a session for gdm to be able to choose Sugar as the login environment

Test Plan

Can select Sugar as an option on the gdm screen for your account, log in, and use Sugar. Will require the @sugar-desktop group to be installed, but otherwise be straight-forward

User Experience

Only noticeable by those wanting to use sugar


This depends on Sugar work upstream as well as on getting a pyxpcom package from xulrunner so that the browser can be built.

Contingency Plan

None necessary, we can just have hte packages less useful


Release Notes

We'll have some stuff here eventually