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Tasks related with User Interface

  • Task Topic: Design a user interface for Fedora Survey - LimeSurvey customization
    • Task Description: Design a Fedora themed version for the Fedora Survey, only for the interface that survey is being carried out. A basic knowledge in CSS is required and the mentor will guide through out the task.
    • Links for more info (if there is any) : -
    • Mentor : User:Srineth
    • Competencies : -
    • Tags : HTML, CSS

  • Task Topic: User Interface for the Fedora Free Media join web form
    • Task Description: Develop a web page which collects defined inputs and send them to a PHP script. Use your creativity and knowledge of CSS to design a attractive interface. Student needs to coordinate with the other student who develop the PHP script.
    • Links for more info (if there is any) : Distribution/Freemedia/Join_freemedia#How_to_join
    • Mentor : User:Charindu100 User:Bckurera
    • Competencies : CSS, HTML
    • Tags : CSS, HTML
    • Team to refer to with in Fedora : website team Wiki

  • Task Topic: isitfedoraruby.com visualizations
    • Task Description: We have a ton of data from rubygems.org, a ton of data from Fedora, and d3.js already integrated in. How can we use those three things to display metrics in a cool manner? Perhaps a timeline of contributions, both on the ruby side + the fedora side would be a cool visualization for each package. Perhaps a geographical map of Fedora Ruby contributors from around the world would be a nice way to visualize contributions. The sky is the limit!
    • Links for more info (if there is any) : Join the Ruby SIG, visit isitfedoraruby.com, and ping the mentor for more info
    • Mentor : mmorsi
    • Competencies : HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby desired but not required
    • Tags : Ruby, Html, isitfedoraruby
    • Team to refer to with in Fedora : Ruby SIG

  • Task Topic:
    • Task Description:
    • Links for more info (if there is any) : [[]]
    • Mentor : [[]]
    • Competencies :
    • Tags :
    • Team to refer to with in Fedora : [[]]