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== Current release cycle ==
== Current release cycle ==
* [ Marketing F14 cycle]
== Generic release cycle ==
== Generic release cycle ==

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[edit] Introduction

There are two types of milestones: milestones that happen for every release cycle (covered in the /Generic schedule template), and milestones that are specific to that release cycle (usually a special project or short-term focus).

To create the schedule cycle for each release, we start with the /Generic schedule template, fill it in with dates for that specific release, and then create and add milestones for special projects within that 6-month cycle. That's it!

[edit] Current release cycle

[edit] Generic release cycle

Each cycle is taken from this /Generic schedule template, which outlines what things Marketing generally needs to do for each release, and when we need to do them.

[edit] Past release cycles

The Fedora 11 release cycle was the first cycle in which the Marketing team adopted a time-based release schedule.