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== Centos chinese notes ==
== Centos chinese notes ==
"DarkFlower" posted to the openstack dev list with a document detailing
"DarkFlower" posted to the openstack dev list with a document detailing
[ pip installing Essex packages on Centos 6.2]
[ pip installing Essex packages on Centos 6.2]
= Misc =
= Misc =

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[edit] OpenStack Upstream

[edit] NEWS

There were significant upstream OpenStack news items since the last summary.

This generated significant interest in the media

[edit] Essex contribution stats

Mark McLoughlin used gitdm to analyze who contributed to Essex which was widely reported both before and during the OpenStack Folsom design summit.

[edit] Stable branches

There was some discussion about OpenStack stable branches which are the basis of Fedora OpenStack packages, before and at the summit.

The thought was that there could be 2 stable branches maintained, one actively and one passively (only NB fixes and no point releases):

[edit] Fedora OpenStack Packages

[edit] Essex package status

As of April 10th, Essex final was available from the Fedora 17 updates-testing repo:

These will be pushed to stable before it closes on May 7th (F17 final change deadline)

[edit] Essex for Fedora 16

Alan Pevec continues to update the Fedora 16 preview repo with the latest Essex packages as they're released for Fedora 17.

[edit] OpenStack database fixes

There were a couple of issues fixed with the interaction of the OpenStack services with MySQL:

  • There was an issue with the db-setup script where it created root-owned log files, thus interfering with nova service startup.
This was fixed, and the db-setup script refactored from each OpenStack service and incorporated in a new openstack-utils package with other support utilities for OpenStack in Fedora/EPEL.

[edit] Security updates

There were two security updates applied:

  • Apr 17: XSS vulnerability in Horizon log viewer - CVE-2012-2094
  • Apr 19: No quota enforced on Nova security group rules - CVE-2012-2101

[edit] EPEL

[edit] Preview Repository

Work on Essex for EPEL6 continues with new OpenStack services horizon and quantum added.

A preview repo is available, and many users have tested that, reporting both success and any issues they had.

[edit] Setup Guide

Adam Young prepared detailed setup notes for installing those preview packages.

Derek Higgins amended the above with swift and keystone configuration details.

[edit] Centos chinese notes

"DarkFlower" posted to the openstack dev list with a document detailing pip installing Essex packages on Centos 6.2

[edit] Misc

[edit] Keystone in httpd

Adam Young implemented a proof of concept for keystone using a more standard web server, rather than being eventlet based.

[edit] SELinux improvements

Adam also identified some SELinux issues with the OpenStack (and base python) packages, and is looking into addressing those.

[edit] DevStack

Some users are reporting success with devstack on Fedora

[edit] Heat Project

The Heat project, which is a AWS CloudForm API implementation for OpenStack was announced.

It's progressing quickly with API v2 released.

Also Openstack floating IP setup details were documented by the Heat project