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Spins Process


  1. User submits a spin (kickstart and introduction) that complies with the Spins Guidelines to the Spins SIG mailing list at fedora-spins -at-, and creates a Spin Page (from the New Spin Page Template), using a $name_Spin naming schema.
    • This page is added to category Incomplete_Spins.
    • When the page is ready for review, the page is added to category Spins_Ready_for_Wrangler
  2. Spins Wrangler reviews the Spin Page
    • If accepted, adds it to category Spins_Ready_for_SIG and removes the page from categories Incomplete_Spins and Spins_Ready_for_Wrangler
    • If not accepted, removes the page from category Spins_Ready_for_Wrangler and adds to category Incomplete_Spins and notes reasons why in the Discussion page
  3. Spins SIG reviews the Spin
    • Review Checklist
    • Voting members of the Spins SIG are made up of representatives from: QA, Release Engineering, Infrastructure and FESCo
    • If the Spin is accepted by the Spins SIG, the page is added to category Spins_Ready_for_Board
    • If the Spin is not accepted by the Spins SIG, the page is removed from the Spins_Ready_for_SIG category, and goes back to category Incomplete_Spins
  4. The Fedora Project Board grants or denies Trademark approval
    • If the Fedora Project Board grants Trademark usage for the Spin, the Spin Page is added to category Spins_Fedora_X, and removed from category Spins_Ready_for_Board.
  5. After acceptance, notifications are sent to interested parties (Spins SIG responsibility):
    • The maintainer(s) submitting the Spin
    • Fedora QA
    • Fedora Release Engineering
    • Fedora Infrastructure
  6. Spin added to a wiki page containing a table listing all of the spins for Fedora X (very similar to


More details on each stage in the process.

Creating a Spin

How to create a spin in the first place. Tools to use, and how to use them.

This typically is a user action item. You create a spin using the examples in the spin-kickstarts package available in Fedora 10 and later. You use that kickstart file to compose your own version of Fedora, and see if it is something you like.

At this point, you have a Fedora Remix

Submitting a Spin

Details on submitting a spin.

To have your spin included in Fedora, a few prerequisites must be met:

  • Create a Spins Page to describing the Spin and more details
  • Add that page to the Incomplete_Spins category
About the Incomplete_Spins Category
You can remain in the Incomplete_Spins category indefinitely, as in: there is no time limit in which we require you to make the next step.
  • When you feel your Spin kickstart and page are both ready for review, do the following:
    1. Remove the Spins page from the Incomplete_Spins category
    2. Add the Spins page to the Spins_Ready_For_Wrangler category

The Spins Wrangler Christoph Wickert will now pick up the Spin page and review it. Two possible outcomes:

  1. The page is not complete and it is moved back to the Incomplete_Spins category.
  2. The page is complete and removed from the Spins_Ready_For_Wrangler category, then added to the Spins_Ready_For_SIG category.

If the page is complete, and added to the Spins_Ready_For_SIG category, the Spins SIG will take it up and review it (using the Review Checklist). The details on what happen next are in the Before A Spin Is Approved section of this document.

Before a Spin is approved

What happens while your spin is being reviewed, and when or where it is finally approved.

During the next Spins SIG meeting, the spin will be discussed, and the Spins SIG will either vote to accept the Spin, not accept the Spin, or postpone the vote till two weeks later.

Maximum review time
The maximum review time for the Spins SIG is 3.99 weeks; If you submit your spin just after the Spins SIG meeting is finished in week #1, week #3 will accept, not accept or postpone the approval to the meeting in week #5, to either allow more testing, or clarification on the Spin's features, etc.

When A Spin Is Accepted By The Spins SIG

What happens if a spin is accepted by the Spins SIG.

The Spins SIG or Spins Wrangler will remove the Spins page from the Spins_Ready_For_SIG category and add the page to the Spins_Ready_For_Board page. The Fedora Project Board then reviews the Spin for trademark approval, and although this should be a formality (rubber stamp if you will), the Board has the final word in whether this Spin is to become an official Fedora Spin.

It is up to the Spins SIG to come up with questions they'd like to see answered by the Board, such as:

"SELinux is disabled on this spin for such and such specific reason,
and although we think this and that, does the Board have an opinion on
whether this Fedora feature should be permissive/enabled in every spin?"

It is up to the Board to think of additional guidelines they'd like to see the Spins SIG address during the Review stage, such as:

"Spins SIG, we'd like you to check if SELinux is permissive in specific
circumstances, we strongly prefer enforcing, but maybe there's reasons
for a spin, yada, yada... and so forth"

If A Spin Is Not Accepted By The Spins SIG

What happens if a spin is not accepted.


  1. Submit spin for review at least 3 weeks before Feature Freeze to allow the Spins Wrangler, Spins SIG and Fedora Project Board to test, review and approve the Spin
  2. Feature Freeze--No more spins accepted for the release
  3. Daily compose tests by Spins SIG, reports go to Spin Maintainer(s)
  4. Bi-weekly reports by Spin Maintainer(s)
  5. Beta Release
  6. Daily compose tests by Spins SIG, reports go to Spin Maintainer(s)
  7. Bi-weekly reports by Spin Maintainer(s)
  8. Preview Release
  9. Release Candidate
  10. Daily compose tests by Spins SIG, reports go to Spin Maintainer(s)
  11. Bi-weekly reports by Spin Maintainer(s)
  12. Release (GA)

Discussion & Proposed Changes