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Greetings, earthlings! I'm Robyn Bergeron. I do marketing "stuff" for Fedora. Market research is my thing, and strategic marketing / general strategy development is something i consider fun and exciting. But really, marketing stuff in general I can pick up on fairly quickly, so I can wear many hats. :D

I am, as I say, a domestic household engineer, which means I have 2 kids, a man, and usually something planned for burning for dinner. In my former lives I have been a business analyst, a market research analyst, and I'm also a recovering sysadmin. I have no official employer, unless you ask my kids, who quite possibly think that I work for them. :) I also help edit papers for the Ottawa / Montreal Linux Symposium every year; I encourage people to submit papers for and attend this great event, and if you know anything about LaTeX, I would love to have more help. Awesomely, all the work / editing / building of the proceedings for this event is done on

Speaking of Fedora... what, you may ask, do I do within the Fedora Project? As I said, I'm a contributor on the marketing team - you have probably (hopefully!) seen my emails making calls to the community for participation in things like the F13 release slogan, F13 talking points, and probably many other things. I've also been working on driving market research forward; if you took the Post-FUDCon survey, or have seen me banging the rallying drum for packaging work on Limesurvey on my blog... those are just a few of the things I'm doing, research-wise. As far as other team infrastructure goes - I also run the weekly marketing meeting on IRC sometimes, am one of the admins for the Marketing Trac instance, and one of the sponsors in FAS for new members to the Marketing group. Other things I've done and continue to do include feature profile interviews, make sure that the marketing team is keeping on track to produce our deliverables according to schedule, wikify various marketing things, and in general, just try to restrain myself from volunteering for more than I can actually do. :) I was also delighted to attend the recent Marketing FAD and help drive some of the schedule and deliverables at that event.

In my copious spare time (ha ha ha) I do enjoy a little bit of television (house, mostly; bsg was my former poison. I occasionally pump out the quilts, I have an endless stack of books to read (I like humor, biographies, economic theory), and I make an effort at least once a month to beat up my printer.

How to find me

  • IRC: rbergeron - I'm on #fedora-mktg. Note the N at the end of my nick - unfortunately, rbergero is owned by someone else!
  • email: robyn DOT bergeron AT
  • fedora account: rbergero
  • facebook:
  • blog: You may occasionally see my posts on - this is the blog where my posts originate from.
  • fedora talk: My phone should be arriving anytime now from stickster, who is da man. Thanks stickster!
  • IRL: I live in Flagstaff, Arizona. If you're going to be in the Northern AZ area, or even in Phoenix (I'm there a -lot-) -- shoot me a mail and we can hang out!

WIP it, WIP it good

Here's a more specific list of the awesomeness that I consider myself as "work in progress" on -

  • | F13 Feature Profiles - I'm be conducting the interview(s) covering F13 Hardware enablements.
  • [[1]] - organizing and driving the schedule that will give the Fedora community a platform for doing market research, and hopefully, it will give us back solid, relevant data that we can convert into actionable plans for improvement.
  • Brand Book / The Fedora Story - one thing I'd like to see getting completed over the course of F14.
  • Sorting out Marketing brainstorming ideas - making sure high priority items get moved from "idea" to a state of progress, finding ways to get short and easy projects on a list of "great projects for new marketeers," making sure that good ideas don't get left behind, etc.
  • Continue developing the Marketing Plan.


This is where I put my various future locations. Right now, I have no specific plans.