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This page is the home of the Feature profiles for the F13 release. For more information on what feature profiles are or how this deliverable was created, see Feature profiles SOP.

Printable versions (short teasers, not the full profiles) have been remixed into single-page sheets for distribution at events: (pdf) (source)


Feature Owner Reference page Notes
Python in Fedora 13 Mel Chua This is part of a marketing campaign to make Fedora easier for Python developers to use. and you Paul Frields We aren't the first users or the primary developers here, but we do want to profile this because it's a cool feature that people should be aware of and use - the benefit to the Fedora community is to encourage broader thinking about media and what media means, since we seem to be stuck in a "media == CDs/DVDs!" mindset.
Hardware enablements in Fedora 13 Robyn Bergeron This feature profile hits Freedom, Features, and First - and Friends by way of how some of these were collaboratively engineered. The talking points covered in this feature profile will include "experimental 3D extended to free Nouveau driver," "print driver installation," and "color management."
btrfs in Fedora 13 David Nalley (interview by Hannah Kowen) This is an excellent engineering story - upstream commitment from Red Hat into this feature, a lot of engineering work by folks at OLPC (which is Fedora's biggest downstream deployment), and can interview developers and testers all the way up and down the stream.
NetworkManager in Fedora 13 Nelson Marques This is an important package to almost all users. Improvemnts to Dial-up and bluetooth will help users that may not be fortunate enough to have good reliable high speed internets, and being able to do this in the CLI is a cool feature and could aid in sorting out X issues.
SSSD in Fedora 13 Robyn Bergeron This feature profile covers SSSD - what it is, and how it is helpful for end-users and system administrators. It will also cover community/development process, and most importantly, highlight the First aspect from the Four Foundations - SSSD is developed under the umbrella of the Fedora Project. F13 has the newest, most recent version - but many other distros are incorporating SSSD as well.