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This page lists packages which failed to build for AArch64 (so called FTBFS which means 'Failed To Build From Source').



High priority

Have patches

Affecting other architectures

Need porting

  • gccxml
    • fails to build for aarch64
    • code is based on gcc 4.2.1 ;(
    • reported upstream:
      • no need to worry about it for now
      • blocks: CableSwig, InsightToolkit
      • gcc aarch64 config does not cleanly backport to 4.2; upstream will likely need to forward-port to 4.8+ (yselkowitz has a diff of the gccxml-specific changes on top of 4.2.1)
  • luajit
    • port needed


  • coq
    • documentation generation fails
   DEBUG:     sh: line 1:  6265 Segmentation fault      (core dumped)     '/builddir/build/BUILD/coq-8.4pl4/bin/coqtop' -boot <     /tmp/coq_texbce448.v > /tmp/coq_tex297040.coq_output 2>&1
  • lttng-ust
    • koji-shadow weirdness

Useful hints

Useful GIT alias (paste into ~/.gitconfig):

       fpaste = !sh -c 'git format-patch -1 -C -M1 --patience --stdout $1 | fpaste -l diff' -