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From the Desk of the Fedora Xorg developers:

Subject: Unavoidable Xorg package update problems

Greetings earthlings.

One of the regressions that was present in the xorg-x11-6.8.2-37.FC4.48.1 update (bug #168844), has been fixed in the latest update xorg-x11-6.8.2-37.FC4.49.2. Unfortunately, users will still see an error on upgrade which is unavoidable.

Also, you may end up with 2 copies of libGLU installed, which may cause further problems. This problem is also unavoidable.

Since these are 2 unavoidable problems users will experience when upgrading from the broken package to the current fixed package, I am asking people to please read https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=168844 and spread the URL around for instructions on how to work around these unavoidable problems.

Tell your friends. Tell your mom.

Root cause of problem: rpm sucks, film at 11 ;oP

Short version of solution without explanation:

rpm -e --allmatches --nodeps --noscripts xorg-x11-Mesa-libGLU

yum install xorg-x11-Mesa-libGLU

Important Notes: There is no need to report this problem to bugzilla. The problem has been reported in bug #168844, and fixed already. Even though it is fixed, you _WILL_ see the problem at least once no matter what, and that's unfortunately unavoidable.

Notes for i810 users: If you are experiencing problems with the i810 video driver with the latest Xorg update, such as the video no longer filling the screen to the edges, please read https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=168764

Comment 13 in the report has instructions for working around the problem:

Please edit your xorg.conf, and add the following option to the "ServerFlags" section. If there is no ServerFlags section, create a new one as such:

Section "ServerFlags"
Option "PciOsConfig" "1"

Then save and exit, and reboot the system, then start the X server up again. If the problem is still present, remove the above option, and replace it with the following option instead, and try again:

Option "PCIProbe1" "1"

Does this option resolve the issue? If not, please try the following:

Option "PCIProbe2" "1"

If any of these 3 options work around the problem, please update the bug report https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=168764 to let us know which ones.

Be sure to reboot the machine before each try, to ensure a full hardware reset.

This will help us to narrow down wether the problem is related to the PCI configuration changes, or elsewhere. Thanks in advance for testing.