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This page is intended to record Release Validation test results for the Fedora 13 Alpha TC milestone.



This page tracks test results against Fedora 13 Alpha Test Compose build. Test results against other Fedora 13 milestones can be found at Category:Fedora_13_Test_Results.

What To Test

Post Test Results

Want to share information about something you tested? Please click edit to add test results. All test results are posted using the format specified Template:Result.


See the table below for a sample format for test results.

Test Result Explanation
Untested - This test has not been run, and is available for anyone to contribute feedback.
Pass pass liam
Passed - The test has been run and the tester determine the test met the expected results
Inprogress inprogress adamwill
Inprogress - An inprogress result is often used for tests that take a long time to execute. Inprogress results should be temporary and change to pass, fail or warn.
Fail fail jlaska [1] [2]
Failed - Indicates a failed test. A link to a bug must be provided. See Template:Result for details on providing bug information.
  1. RHBZ #XYZ
  2. RHBZ #ZXY
Warning warn rhe
Warning - This test completed and met the expected results of the test, but other issues were encountered during testing that warrant attention.
Unsupported - An unsupported test or configuration. No testing is required.

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