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Fedora Docs Project CVS Usage Guidelines

Usage of CVS by the Fedora Docs Project is subject to all overarching policies, rules and guidelines established by the Fedora Project. Users receive access to CVS, when appropriate, through the process located at the Extras CVS access page .

Document Roles

This section may affect, be affected by, or duplicate material in the Fedora Docs Project Quick Start Guide .

  • The Fedora Docs Project controls the overall repository of Fedora Docs Project documentation. The Fedora Docs Project lead controls the overall configuration of the repository. FIXME: Do we want one or more backups in case of vacation or catastrophe?
  • The repository is subdivided by document.
  • Each document has a manager, typically a Fedora Docs Project member who can assign access to that document. The manager is responsible for accountable for CVS commits for that document made by the other contributors.
  • Each document has one or more editors. An editor should be someone who can make CVS commits for that document.
  • Each document has one or more writers. A writer need not have CVS commit access for that document.
  • One person may fill more than one role. Other roles may also exist, such as that of technical reviewer. As participation in the Fedora Docs Project increases, these roles may separate more often.

CVS Write Access

Members of the Fedora Docs Project that lead a guide must have CVS write access to fulfill the role of manager above.

The Fedora Docs Project lead is currently the sole approver for CVS write access. As the project increases in size and scope, other approvers will be appointed, probably including some or all Fedora Docs Project members. CVS write access is not a "cathedral," and should be granted wherever possible. Open documentation, like open software development, however, is a meritocracy. In order to secure CVS write access, a contributor must demonstrate that they bring value to the process. In open software development, a contributor demonstrates value by providing worthwhile ideas, backed up by code, to implement software improvements. In open documentation, a contributor demonstrates value by providing worthwhile ideas, backed up by technical writing, to implement documentation improvements.

The Documentation Quick Start Guide describes the process by which participants can enter the Fedora Docs Project. The goal of the Quick Start Guide is to ensure that any contributors are able to participate with as few barriers as possible. By providing technical writing samples, contributors demonstrate the value they bring to the process. These samples may be either original work, covered by the license used by the Fedora Docs Project, or substantial editing of existing work.

The process

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