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Work on beats has now moved to git. If you have changes or additions, please contact the docs team via #fedora-docs, docs@lists.fp.o, or with the fedora-release-notes BZ component.

Django 1.8

The latest release of the versatile, extensible web framework Django is available for Fedora 22. The Python-based framework's 1.8 release has been designated as the Django project's second 'long term support release, and will receive security updates for at least three years from release date.

Fedora packages that depend on Django have been updated for the latest release. Those working with Django can review the project's thorough documentation to learn about new, deprecated, and removed features.

Ruby on Rails 4.2

Fedora 22 includes Ruby on Rails 4.2, the latest version of the well-known web application framework written in Ruby. Highlights in this release include Active Job, asynchronous mails, Adequate Record, Web Console and foreign key support. The upstream release notes are at

Information for developers upgrading existing applications to Ruby on Rails 4.2 can be found in the Upgrading Ruby on Rails guide at