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Time Room 335 (76) Room 395 (70) Room 149 (67) Room 376 (54) Room 145 (67) Room 345 (120) Room 151 (54)
0900 Speaker pitches and scheduling
1030 Wiki/Docs [1] Dev Shell Java FESCo Rainbow File Systems Spins
1130 QA Kernel stuff in F11 Eclipse svirt comps Moksha(Summary) public speaking
1230 Lunch
1330 RPM vs XO [2] Dracut Push Mirror IPA DocBook Puppet mailing lists
1430 Clouds git RPM scriptlets GPG Func Desktop(Summary) 2nd Arch
1530 Classroom Anaconda Sugar Vision Asterisk / Fedora Talk Lightning Talks KVM Performance tuning
1700 Closing Comments(Alt video)

In addition to videos linked here, you may find videos posted at http://video.linuxfoundation.org and by searching on FUDConF11

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