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[edit] FUDCon Silicon Valley 2006

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This event has been cancelled

[edit] Where

  • MaxSpevack has contacted Stanford's Computer Forum to see if we can host the event through them.

[edit] When

  • Hopefully October or November during school year.

[edit] Who

  • MaxSpevack (owner)
  • KarstenWade
  • JackAboutboul

[edit] To Do

  • An initial call for papers needs to be sent out.
  • More information should soon follow along with a public call for papers.
  • If you have an intersting topic and wish to be considered for presentation please post at fedora-marketing-list@redhat.com.
  • Work with CCRMA folks to be there.
  • MaxSpevack to email Lawrence Lessig, once it starts to come together.

[edit] How to Help

Join us on the Fedora Marketing mailing list or contact MaxSpevack