FUDCon:Paris 2012 Schedule

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[edit] Saturday 13 october schedule (co-located @ OWF' 12)

Note: we have auditorium only from 10am to 12am and the others room until 6pm

Hour Auditorium Room Amsterdam Room Dublin Room London
10:00 Keynote: Welcome to FUDCon (by Robyn Bergeron, Fedora Project Leader)
11:00 Fedora 18: What's new ? (by Fedora ambassadors)
12:00 Lunch bags
13:00 N/A Workshop OpenShift (by Marek Jelen) Workshop RPM Packaging (by Remi Collet) Be ARMed ! (ARM devroom lead by Chris Tyler)
15:00 JBoss AS in Fedora (by Marek Goldmann)
16:00 Workshop D Programming Language (by Jonathan Mercier)

[edit] Sunday 14 october schedule (CSI)

Hour Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4
11:30 Security Audit with OpenSCAP Fedora User Experience Syslog-ng Katello
12:30 Lightning Talks Ambassadors swag bazaar
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Cloud @ Infra Fedora Marketing Xfce Ruby SIG
15:00 Websites Ruth's & Spot's Raspberry Pi Party Fedora Security Lab (FSL) Python SIG
16:00 Delta Cloud API Kernel Licensing tool Introduction into Publican 3.0
17:00 Aeolus Ambassadors: Mentoring and other stuff Software Collections Lumberjack in Fedora

[edit] Lightning Talks

  • Java Packaging evolution (5 mins)
  • Ruby and Fedora (10 mins)
  • Fedora QA - Test days (10 mins)
  • ABRT F18 (5 mins)
  • JBoss Packaging (5 mins)
  • Checkpoint / Restart in Fedora (10 mins)
  • Web applications in in Fedora (5 mins)

[edit] Swag Bazar

If you are an Ambassador or running an event, please come to Room 3 ~ 12:30 to get swag (Media, case badges, stickers).

[edit] Monday 15 october schedule (CSI)

We are running hackfests, so far there is no real schedule:

  • Raspberry Pi GPIO Interfacing Demo - 10 am - Room ??? (ctyler)
  • Webapps: Acounts System, Election apps (pingou, cmpahar)
  • fedora-review (pingou)
  • Ownclud (cwickert, remi)
  • Budget (cwickert, eischmann, rbergeron, rsuehle)
  • Xfce Spin (cwickert, add yourself here)
  • Hyperkitty (abompard)
  • EMEA Swag (cwicker, eischmann, zoltan721, fab, ib54003, cmpahar, dimitrisglaros, comzeradd, add yourself here)

[edit] Group Photo

We'll meet in front of the building at 13:00 (beginning of the lunch break) for the group photo.