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KickOff Branding


There is clickable branding button located on top of KickOff. Default is 'KDE DESKTOP' button and '' link.


  • Small button with Fedora logo (default KDE is 80x15 pixels)
    • Ask Fedora Artwork team to help us ;-)

Fedoraproject link

  • launcher.cpp:876 openHomepage()
  • patch


This is my personal playground ;-) Quick and dirty...

  • Default Fedora logo with symbol

  • + default Fedora logo
  • - takes a lot of space due to symbol (which looks even too small)
  • - doesn't look like button
  • Fedora button gray

  • Fedora button light

  • + button style
  • - breaks Fedora logo rules - symbol moved


  • Fedora logo without symbol

  • - same as default Fedora logo
  • - even not default logo