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Keeping track of things we might want for a respin of test4 if we do one:

Still needed

Extras packages (already pushed)

  • new cdrkit stuff to have the right obsoletes
  • new pidgin to kill the epoch

No package needed

  • perl multilib fun (BLOCKER) (perl is now multilib again, so should be good)


  • new selinux policy (fixes ntfs-3g, and more) (selinux-policy-2.5.12-12.fc7)
  • fixed iptables for no ipv6 (#236888)
  • new totem for media keys (totem-2.18.1-3.fc7)
  • new fedora-logos to fix its %post (?)
  • pygobject2 memory leak fix (pygobject2-2.12.3-3.fc7)
  • yum-3.1.6-3.fc7 for multirepo in anaconda comps (#237546)
  • new kernel (1.3104)
  • fixed anaconda for ftp/http installs started from media (BLOCKER)