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Fedora Branding

This page is intended to collect information on what things need to change to re-brand Fedora to something else (e.g. RHEL).

  • fedora-release contains

- GPG keys

- yum repositories

- release notes

- about fedora

  • fedora-logos contains all Fedora/Red Hat branded artwork for

- anaconda

- firstboot

- rhgb

- gdm login screen

- gnome-session splash

- KDE splash screen

- default background

- panel menu

- screen saver

- lock dialog

  • firefox, epiphany contain

- Fedora bookmarks

- Firefox branding (which has its own set of restrictions)

  • gnome-screensaver contains

- remaining bits of the Fedora screensaver

  • gdm contains

- configuration to pick the login screen theme

  • httpd contains

- artwork & text for default html page when you set up apache.

  • redhat-artwork contains

- Bluecurve

  • redhat-menus contains

- the default panel menu layout