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Mathitiko Synedrio Pliroforikis (Greek Student Conference)

This conference will be about IT Technologies and Software. Greek students (both from primary and secondary schools) will present various projects. I will give a lightning talk (about 10-15 minutes) about Fedora in Education as well as the Fedora Greek Edu Remix which aims at providing Greek students an full operating system with educational software. I will set up a booth (as always) and hand out some Live CDs/ DVDs and flyers.

Note: There will be 2 conferences. This will be the first one, where only students from a specific location of Thessaloniki will be there. In the second one (on 4-5 May 2011), students from the whole region of Macedonia, Greece will make their presentations.

When and Where

12 April 2011 - Thessaloniki, Greece

(mostly in Greek)

Items to Bring

  • Demo Laptops
    • Compaq Laptop (Fedora 14)
    • EeePC 1001HA
  • Swag
    • LiveCDs
    • Stickers
    • Flyers
    • Support Flyers

Booth Personnel

Name Booth setup Tuesday Clean-up Comments
Giannis Konstantinidis X X X



  • to be posted after the event