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Review FAQ

1. Does it meet Naming and Packaging Guidelines? 1. Is %{?dist} tag present? 1. Are all license-related things good? a. Is package licensed under open-source compatible license? a. If so, is this license included upstream? a. If so, is it included in package? 1. What does rpmlint show? 1. Do source files match upstream? Show md5sums 1. Is the package's latest version being packaged? 1. Are BRs proper? 1. What about mock? 1. Are final provides and requires sane? It's so nice to check the output of for i in *rpm; do echo $i; rpm -qp --provides $i; echo =; rpm -qp --requires $i; echo; done. 1. Is package designed to be relocatable? 1. What about owning of directories? a. Does it own all directories it creates? a. Does it not own any directory it shouldn't? 1. Is %clean section present? Does it contain rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT? 1. Does a build root look like: %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-%{release}-root-%(%{__id_u} -n)? 1. Does a %files section look good? a. Is there any duplicates in it? a. Are file permissions appropriate? 1. Does an upstream provide any check suite? a. If so, is %check section present? a. If so, does it pass all tests? 1. Is there any scriptlets required? a. If so, are they present? 1. Is there any subpackages needed? a. Does package contain documentation needed to be moved to -docs subpackage? a. Is there any headers or pkgconfig files that ought to be in -devel subpackage?

  • If there are pkgconfig files, does package have Requires: pkgconfig?
  • Do header files require any other packages that have to be mentioned as a dependency of -devel subpackage?

a. Is there any big data files? 1. Are there .la files? a. If they're not required by package to run properly, are they removed? 1. Is it a GUI application? a. If so, does a .desktop file looks proper? (Categories, its installment etc.)