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QA Beats

In order to make testing Fedora more orderly, we've followed the Docs team's lead and broken it down into components we call Beats. Each beat should have at least one responsible person who will be responsible for keeping an eye on that section of Fedora and helping to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.


Here's the list of beats so far:

Beat Owner Owner's IRC nick
GNOME DavidNielsen Lovechild
KDE RexDieter rdieter
XFCE KevinFenzi nirik
Firefox & Thunderbird
Kernel WillWoods wwoods
Installer RobertWilliams rmw
Yum/Pup/Pirut RahulSundaram mether

If you'd like to volunteer to be the Official QA Contact for a beat, or suggest a new beat, please let us know!