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Associated release criterion
This test case is associated with the Fedora_21_Alpha_Release_Criteria#update-image release criterion. If you are doing release validation testing, a failure of this test case may be a breach of that release criterion. If so, please file a bug and nominate it as blocking the appropriate milestone, using the blocker bug nomination page.


This test will verify that anaconda can download the requested updates.img file using a HTTP url. For help preparing an updates.img, refer to Anaconda/Updates

How to test

  1. Prepare a valid updates.img file and copy it to a httpd server accessible by your installation. See this page for image creation instructions. A good thing to change in the updates.img is the "What language would you like to use during the installation process?" text in pyanaconda/ui/gui/spokes/, as this text is displayed on one of the first screens.
  2. Boot the installer while specifying the http URL for the updates image. For example:
  3. Proceed with installation

Expected Results

  1. Anaconda prepares the updates.img and copies its content to /tmp/updates. Any changes you included in the updates.img file are applied (If you use updates.img from the example there should be changed text on the first screen: "If you can see ...")
  2. Anaconda proceeds without related errors