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This test case checks that NIC hotplug works correctly using virt-manager

How to test

  1. Remove all NICs from a guest - i.e. go to the Details section for the guest in virt-manager, select the NIC and click on the Remove button
  2. Start the guest
  3. Attach an interface to the guest by clicking on Add Harware, choosing Network as the hardware type, selecting a device model and clicking Forward then Finish
  4. Check that the guest saw the device e.g. NetworkManager in the guest should see the device and bring it up
  5. Check that networking works correctly using e.g. a browser or ping
  6. Detach the interface by selecting the NIC and clicking on the Remove button
  7. Check the guest can no longer see the interface
  8. Repeat with different values for model - e.g. virtio, e1000, rtl8139, ...

Expected Results

  1. All operations should complete successfully
  2. The attached interface should appear in the guest
  3. The guest should have usable network connectivity using the attached interface