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Common Issues and Workarounds

These are a list of common issues and workarounds (if available) for FC5test1.

  • Fresh Installs Only. Upgrades are not supported (or even implemented). If you want to test upgrade capability, please use FC5test2.
  • NX (No Execute) capable processors (all AMD64 and 2nd and later steppings of EM64T) installing the i386 arch of FC5test1 may experience an inability to boot after install. Please try kernel parameter "mem=nopentium" in order to boot. At this moment we do not yet have a fixed kernel build. Watch this page for new information as it becomes available.
  • No DVD is Available, CD or Network Install Only. DVD support infrastructure is unavailable in the installer currently due to major ongoing changes. See the RoadMap page for more information
  • Installation from the hard disk is broken.
  • Installation crashes if you unselect certain packages and attempt to continue. Avoid doing that. The most common cases appear to be crashing when looking for evince, caused by deselecting the Office/Productivity group but leaving the GNOME Desktop Environment group selected, or by deselecting the printing group.

Open bugs