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Page to track things that need to be done for KDE 4.4.


  • kdebase-runtime -- libssh >= 0.3.92 -- already in Rawhide, need it in F-12 and F-11 too
  • kdenetwork -- mediastreamer (linphone >= 2.3.0 needed) -- will have to be built without patent-encumbered stuff (ffmpeg); needed for the new version of Jingle support (but as of 4.3.80, the old version is still shipped too)
  • kdegames -- Gluon -- optional, but recommended for better sound support (OpenAL-based) in Granatier. May be used for more stuff in later versions (it also has graphics parts).


  • kdeedu -- Cantor runtime deps (R)?

Coding work

  • kde-settings -- netbook settings

Things to look into

  • kdenetwork -- how is krdc-icons.tar.bz2 generated?
  • polkit-kde -- package standalone polkit-qt-1 version -- review request
  • kdeplasma-addons -- kimpanel only supports SCIM, an IBus backend is in the sources, but not installed, and kimpanel doesn't get installed at all without SCIM. We should look into shipping the IBus backend.