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NeuroFedora SIG

The NeuroFedora SIG's goal is to make Fedora the best platform for neuroscience and neuroimaging research.

The self contained change request proposed by this SIG are detailed here


Morgan Hough (mhough) <>

Igor Gnatenko (ignatenkobrain) <>

Adrian Alves (alvesadrian) <>

Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD" (ankursinha)

NeuroFedora Packages

RHBZ #1276941

New packages

When submitting a new neuro-related package for review, please add "Blocks: fedora-neuro" to your review-request.

When your package approved in PkgDB, you should make sure to add "group::neuro-sig" with commit/watchbugzilla/watchcommits ACLs.

Packages waiting for your review

You can find them on the RHBZ #fedora-neuro.

We would be glad, if you would take one or a few.  :)

Existing packages

You can't find the existing neurofedora-related packages on the PkgDB yet but we are working on it.


There is a good amount of overlap with other SIGs and Spins and some categories of NeuroFedora can be seen as BigData, Fedora-Medical, ML, Octave and SciTech in general. The classification of packages that [|NeuroDebian] uses is as follows:

*Packages for Distributed Computing
*Packages for Electrophysiology
*Packages for Magnetic Reasonance Imaging
*Packages for Modeling of neural systems
*Packages for Neuroscience Datasets
*Packages for Neuroscience Education
*Packages for Psychophysics

What are we going to do?

We are first planning to try and match as many of the packages from the debian-based neurodebian project as possible excluding the debian-specific packaging related tools and any others for which licensing issues are a problem. The second phase would be to publish a paper outlining the work here again following the neurodebian project paper to give the project some exposure in the research community. A parallel track to these is to continue to publish research using the tools available in NeuroFedora.


There is no formal process for participating; joining the mailing list, hanging out on IRC, or participating in meetings are all great ways to get involved.

A little self-introduction on the mailing list would be nice, too. And, if you want to, add yourself to our members-section above.

Mailing list


We hang out on at #fedora-neuro[?].


We shall have them, and see how it goes.

more to come soon.