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Fedora Robotics SIG Meeting Minutes 2008-06-18

Meeting Time


Will be filled in during/after the meeting.


Add entries before the meeting.

  1. Discuss progress on Player/Stage/Gazebo
  2. Discuss progress on RoboCup 3D Sim Soccer Server


  • rcssserver3d package shows progress (cf. #450409); legal issues need to be clarified (encumbered code can be removed according to upstream). Some rpmlint warnings remain mysterious.
  • Hedayat will post to fedora-devel-list about strange rpmlint problem
  • The review for Player is pending, Tim is going to talk to Jeff about this
  • The review for Stage is about to be initiated by Arindam, fortunately it seems that the Player package works fine for it.
  • Gazebo is a big beast and might have dependencies to the Livna repositories. It needs to be investigated if these are truely optional and can just be left out and if sub-packages may rely on livna deps (have to check guidelines)