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descDate Name Thumbnail Size User Description Versions
03:37, 30 August 2013F20-20120918 0021.jpg (file)915 KBCodeblock (Depth of Field Leaf)1
03:35, 30 August 2013F20-20120919 0009.jpg (file)390 KBCodeblock (Stars)1
03:35, 30 August 2013F20-20121001 0010.jpg (file)1.99 MBCodeblock (Seemingly Abandoned Building)1
03:34, 30 August 2013F20-20121004 0056.jpg (file)1.23 MBCodeblock (Autumn Leaves From Last Year)1
03:32, 30 August 2013F20-20130613 0001.jpg (file)300 KBCodeblock (Lightning North of Akron.)1
03:30, 30 August 2013F20-20130812 0029.jpg (file)1.02 MBCodeblock (At the SC Aquarium during Flock!)1
03:26, 30 August 2013F20-20130812 0027 01.jpg (file)815 KBCodeblock (At the SC Acquarium during Flock!)2
13:54, 29 August 2013F20-20130812 0027.jpg (file)
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1.57 MBCodeblock 1
13:52, 29 August 2013Codeblock-F20-20120918 0021.jpg (file)
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0 BCodeblock 2
11:28, 15 February 2011CodeBlock.jpg (file)8 KBCodeblock (smaller me. :))2
22:15, 16 May 2010Codeblock negative one.png (file)3 KBCodeblock (Just a little avatar for my User: page.)1