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I discovered Linux around 2002, and started using it regularly around 2007. It became my only OS in late 2012.

For some personal nostalgia & blabber please visit my first version of this page (moved to User:Abderrahman/nostalgia).


I first joined the online community in 2002. I contributed on various online forums (as much as a teenager can contribute!). I became a moderator on an Arabic hardware forum (I think I still hold the status of an administrative member. I haven't been active on the forum for years). I later became a paid writer for a printed magazine by the same company, and a product reviewer for their online version.

I tried to contribute to the GNU/Linux Arab Community, first by writing forum articles, then with code to their Ojuba distro. But it wasn't significant, and didn't last long.

I try from time to time to contribute to the Android ROM, AOKP, but also nothing significant. Code isn't my strong suit, I understand and think of concepts better.

I participated in the Israel Games, Overclocking & Modding Championship 2008 held in Tel Aviv with a friend who won (first or second place for OC & modding... then I forgot to carry the monitor and he lost it!).

I blog sometimes about tech. I used to be in a top team of F@H before shipping to university and giving up my PC. I was a member of EFF.


I'm very interested in promoting the use of free software.

I don't believe in the ownership of culture. That includes movies, music, software, books, and the many forms people share on the internet for personal use (i.e. what's referred to as 'piracy'). I believe that what you buy you own, and you're free to do as you please with your property as long as you credit the source. I don't believe that molecules, or genetic code are valid forms of patents. Science and knowledge belong to the collective of humanity.

I follow patent trolling closely, and I'm very interested in the discussion on patents and copyright laws. I believe in the rights of free speech, privacy, anonymity, and the free flow of information. I advocate for transparency and user privacy (informally, in my circles). I also fight against censorship, and was a member of EFF.

I want to increase the technological awareness of the Arab community, especially in Israel, and broaden the use of the internet beyond social networks, games and the occasional news or Wikipedia reading. The Arab population is around 400 million worldwide, that accounts for approximately 5.5% of the world's population. Yet, current contributions to science, research and innovation are nowhere near that number. Israel, with its population of 8 million plus, turns out more research and innovations than all of the Arab countries collectively. The Arab governments are a big part of the problem, but not all of it.

The promotion of technological and scientific awareness, in all aspects, is something I'm very interested in.

Internet Presence

I maintain a blog in Arabic (though I don't write as much as I'd like). I am an active editor of the English Wikipedia. You can also email me, or leave me a message on my talk page.