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Real Name: Israel Torres. Gerder: Male

System administrator, Linux User, and Volunteer Translator. I learned about the GNU Philosophy when I was about 18 years old, and since then I've been interested in things related with User freedom. The first GNU/Linux operative system I used was Ubuntu 9.10. Not far from that time, I switched to use Red Hat's sponsored free OS, Fedora, which I use now in a daily basis.

Translating & Localizing Path

The very first project in which I enrolled as a volunteer translator was Twitter. The social network, known by its short, 140-characters-long updates, has been an active platform since it evolves constantly. Twitter has 14 projects, and each of them require constant updates, which mean they all need constant translations.

Recently I was chosen as a Language Moderator for the Spanish locale.

[Twitter Translator Profile]

The second project as volunteer translator is Fedora. Heard of it since I wanted to help the community to improve it.

Contact Info

Emails: dnlsrl dot kaiser at gmail dot com, israel dot faux at gmail dot com, dnlsrl at outlook dot com.

Twitter handle: at dnlsrl