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FreedomKnight (F.K.)

陳貴鑫 (Gui-Xin Chen)
陳貴鑫 (Gui-Xin Chen)
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Home: Sansia, Taiwan (UTC+8)
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FAS name: freedomknight
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IRC nick: FreedomKnight
IRC channels: #fedora-ambassadors, #fedora-apac, #fedora-zh
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GPG key: nothing
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I am a fedora user from Taiwan.

I used linux since 2010.

I just a colleage student and major in CS.

And I love Linux so much.


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I used Windows for a long time.

One day I find free software, the spirit let me want to contribute for the community.


  • Fedora user since Fedora 16, 2007.
  • admin of Fedora Chinese in facebook 2012

Plans in 2012

I wanna make some lecture for Chinese user in Taiwan.

Especially for some computer club in College.

Plans in 2013

Hold F19 and F20 Release Party

Plans in 2014

I want to build a website which likes Ask Fedora! for Taiwanese People.