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Benedikt Schäfer
Benedikt Schäfer
Personal information
Location: Flieden, Hesse, Germany
Homepage: [http:// ]
Birthday: Aug 28th 1992
GPG-Key: 82C22909
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: ib54003
Fedora Email:
Twitter: {{{twitter}}} {{{}}}
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IRC: {{{irc-nick}}} on
Badges (31)

Junior Editor Involvement Associate Editor Flock 2013 Attendee Tanked! Crypto Panda Riddle Me This Mugshot Ambassador Bona Fide Embryo Baby Badger Paranoid Panda Junior Badger (Badger I) White Rabbit Egg Tadpole Let Me Introduce Myself Hatchling If you build it... (Koji Success I) You can call me "Patches" (SCM I) Is this thing on? (Updates-Testing I) Flock Paparazzi Flock 2014 Attendee Crypto Badger Party Pirate Junior Tagger (Tagger I) In Search of the Bull (Tester I) What goes around comes around (Karma I) Like a Rock (Updates-Stable I) Curious Penguin (Ask Fedora I)



Benedikt Schäfer

About me

  • German
  • I like to travel to see the world
  • I like to play tenor saxophone and clarinet

Why I'm so for free software, because it brings people together. And helps in ensuring that the world is growing together. Fedora gives me all these opportunities.

Education and Job

  • I'm a mechatronics student at the University of Kassel

Member of



  • 2011
  1. LinuxTag 2011, May 11 - 14, Berlin (Germany)
  2. FrOSCon 2011, August 21 + 22, Sankt Augustin (Germany)
  3. OpenRheinRuhr 2011, November 12 + 23, Oberhausen (Germany)
  • 2012
  1. LinuxTag 2012, May 23 - 26, Berlin (Germany)
  2. FUDCon:Bid for Paris 2012, Oct 13 - 15, Paris (France)
  • 2013
  1. Flock, August 9 - 12, Charleston, SC (USA)
  • 2014
  1. Flock, August 6 - 9, Prague (Czech Republic)